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Everybody has a story, and Sam has a good Story- Very Inspiring

Steve Springer-Performance Coach for the Toronto Blue Jays


Working out with Sam not only transformed my body, but it gave me the strength, agility, and mental capacity to prepare and compete with, and against some of the best Baseball players in the country at the highest level of College Baseball.

Andy Pascoe-University Of Evansville Baseball


Without Sam's savvy negotiating, native knowledge of the area, and local first-name-basis familiarity with Traverse City's prominent citizens, my dream of owning a retail clothing store probably never would have come true.


He is always easy communicate with, responds quickly and professionally to any questions or concerns, and he made me feel (and continues to make me feel) like he truly cares about my passions, and the success of my business. His nature will put you at ease, which I think is invaluable during stressful times (like when you're buying a home, selling a home, or looking for somewhere perfect to place your business, or just looking for a place to rent).


He has continued to provide me with support and a sense of community, even after the deal was closed, and I can't stress enough how much his enthusiasm has kept me brave and positive. I don't feel like I met a realtor, I feel like I made a friend. Did I mention that he helped me make a deal that worked for my budget, without sacrificing location? Yeah, he did that like it was nothing. I would recommend him to anyone

Candra Kolodziej-Commercial Real Estate Client


Living in southeast Michigan I was looking for recreational property in central/northern Michigan. I had a extremely wide area of interest and was doing most searching on my own. After contact with numerous agents that were tied to listings I happened on a listing with Sam as the contact.


I gave him a call, he answered every question, offered to send me more details and make some calls, and then was the first realtor I'd talked to to ask me if I was working with a realtor! He offered his services and we got started.


I joke with Sam about him being the hardest working realtor in northern Michigan but I believe it to be true. He is incredibly fast at getting questions answered and always kept me in the loop. After helping me secure recreational real estate hours from his home I'm now using him to help locate and secure a lake house! I highly recommend Sam if you are looking for a realtor with excellent communication skills and a high desire to provide great customer service.

Marc Leaman-Vacant land and Water Front Buyer


Sam has been extremely helpful and friendly. We are moving across state and Sam is helping make the transition as easy as possible. He has many contacts and has been very instrumental in connecting us with the right people at the right time. We are very pleased with Sam's service and would gladly recommend him!

Katie Komisarz-Single Family Home Buyer




Over these past couple years I have worked with multiple trainers, but no one like Sam.  The past summer I had the privilege to work with Sam and he made it fun to go to the gym every morning; no matter how early it might have been.  He motivated me to be the best I can be.  When I started training with Sam I could only squat 135 and Sam said, “By the end of the summer, you will be squatting 200”.  We made that a goal and I ended my summer squatting 205.  He showed me anything is possible if you are determined”.

Lauren Bailey-Robert Morris University Hockey


I started working with Sam my Sophomore year of High School when I started to get serious about my athletics and wanted to start working towards a college career in Volleyball.  I was also recovering from a serious back injury that left me thinking that my college dream was over.  The injury made me hesitant to push myself physically, but Sam helped me overcome this fear and worked with me over time to not only fully recover from my injury, but become much stronger and more agile.


I quickly saw my abilities on the Volleyball Court change because of the work Sam and I were doing off the court.  These skills helped me earn a Division 1 scholarship to George Mason University where I played all four years.  It was great being able to come in as a Freshman and already be stronger than some of the upper classman.  The coaches quickly saw my determination and commitment wasn't just on the court, but also in the weightroom.


I credit Sam with a lot of my achievements because he made me both physically and mentally tough enough to be a successful college athlete.

Laura Spencer- George Mason University Volleyball


I started working with Sam Flamont when I was in High School.  I played soccer for Traverse City Central, and the position for goal keeper was very competitive.  One of the things holding me back from consistently starting and playing to my fullest potential was a lack of confidence.


Sam was a really powerful motivator for me.  he designed training sessions that worked on specific skills that would improve my performance as a goalkeeper.  He always pushed me to my fullest potential and made me realize what I was capable of.  Not only did I improve in strength and quickness, but my confidence improved as well.  This translated to success on the field.


I ended up going on to play Division III soccer for the University Of Chicago.  I wasn't recruited and had to try out for the team.  I never could have made the team without the strength and quickness I gained from training with Sam.  Even while I was the University, Sam would work with me over the Summer and send me training exercises that I could continue to do while away at school.  With lots of work and practice, I eventually went from "walk-on" to starting goalkeeper.  I owe a lot of my success to Sam, and I highly recommend him to anyone training to be a competitive athlete. 

Polly Cline- University of Chicago Soccer


Working out with Sam prepared me physically and mentally to compete in College.  Sam designs fitness programs according to each individual's goals.  For instance, Sam kept me on a fitness regimen focused on fast-twitch muscles necessary for my sport.  Over the course of a year I gained 20 pounds of muscle without losing a step in foot-speed.  That is success in my eyes.

Kevin Krantz- University Of Michigan Baseball


At first Sam was just a hitting coach to me.  He helped me with my swing and gave me thoughts to think about while I was swinging.  he helped a ton with that, but that's only the first thing he helped with.  Next I entered Sam's coaching program and we started talking on the phone.  These calls started out with my what my dream was. 


After I told Sam I wanted to play professional baseball he made sure that I set a more specific goal.  My goal was and still is to play ShortStop for the New York Yankees.  Sam helped me define that goal and then assisted in the creation of the process it was going to take in order to reach that goal.  He helped me stay organized and gave me exercises that would strengthen my focus and help me keep my mind set positive.  Becasue of Sam, My goal is written down, I have a process, and I am making check marks that allow me to focus on why I can achieve my goal, instead of focusing on how hard it will be and why I can't achieve it. 


Sam has a powerful message and the ability to teach others the steps and the mind set needed to acheive success.  I have accepted a scholarship offer to play college baseball which was a checkpoint on the way to my dream and now like sam always says in regards to people's dreams, "it isn't going to happen, its happening".  If you have a dream and need direction I strongly suggest you contact Sam and he will help you get on the right path.

Jordan Swiss: Petoskey High School



Sam Flamont came to Royal Oak High School as our keynote speaker to kick-off "Goals and Grit" , a 2014 campaigjn to teach students "focus"
in their daily lives. The program was directed at Freshman but Sam spoke to each grade level in four separate class meetings, Sam put a special spin on his message to touch each group. He used his personal story and other appropriate stories to drive home his point and held the student's interest throughout his presentation.

Sam's enthusiasm was contagious and his positive outlook on life's challenges set the tone for the entire semester. We had a series of
follow-up sessions directed by our staff, using Sam's principles as the foundation.  In the spring semester, following Sam's presentation, discipline cases were down and attendance was up.  Sam was fantastic.

Jim Cole: Director of Athletics-Royal Oak High School


As a female collegiate coach I have a lot of young women that have a hard time on the court not physically, but mentally. Sam spoke to my team individually the evening before a big match and gave them the strength and courage to believe in themselves and each other. He opened their eyes to new opportunities and gave them hope to raise their standards and expectations.


Mr. Flamont later spoke to all of our athletes on campus. He is not your conventional speaker. He walks around with a little swag and speaks candidly about his life, but that is exactly why he relates to his audience. They see him as an athlete that was once in their shoes and he gets them involved throughout his speeches. When he spoke to our athletic department he had them crying one minute and laughing the next.


Sam really found a way to relate to his audience. Whether he was talking to my team alone or our entire department he knew what each individual in the crowd needed. He is passionate about public speaking and motivating young men and women. I strongly believe that he helped my team with their confidence and opened the eyes of our department’s young men and women. Sam will not disappoint because he loves what he does and he is passionate about inspiring.

Sarah Dehring: Head Womens Volleyball Coach-Alma College


Sam Flamont is an energetic young man who has a great passion for youth.  His message is on point with several major issues that young people face in today's society and his delivery is enthusiastic and relatable for his audience.  Our team came away with a renewed vigor after hearing Sam speak and his talk still resonates with many members of our team who still talk about it to this day

Jake Boss: Head Baseball Coach-Michigan State University


Sam has great energy and content that keeps his audience excited and engaged. His real world examples and personal experience help to realize and better understand the unlimited potential inside all of us and that we can accomplish anything we set out to, if we want it bad enough.

Mike Mantua: Varsity Hockey Coach-Howell High School



I was really excited to have Sam come in and speak with the girls so that they could have an outside source pump them up going into their regional’s and state competition. From the start, Sam came in and observed what we do and how practice typically runs. I thought this was awesome because it showed he cared about what he was going to say as it pertained to our sport, he wasn’t extremely generic, he hit points that pertained to us.  He really made the girls feel like the sky is the limit as long as they put in the work. I still have girls quoting him saying “You have to earn your tears.” I would definitely recommend Sam to come in and speak with other sports/organizations.

Sarah Kirby: Varsity Pom Pon Coach-Howell High School


I was a student athlete and now an assistant coach at Alma College. Sam came to Alma and spoke to our volleyball team and the rest of the student athletes. One thing I loved about the program was how personable, interactive, and energetic Sam was. Right from the start of the program his energy and passion lit up the gym. He gave kids hope that if you have a dream to not let anything get in the way, but you must work for everything you get. That nothing is impossible if you have a vision and a goal, take it and run with it. He ingrained to never let anyone or anything get in the way of your personal goal. Sam has kept in contact with not only myself but other student athletes at Alma College. After the program I recommended Sam to other schools because I am confident that he could impact those kids lives like he did mine.

Taylor Cole: Assistant Volleyball Coach-Alma College


The first time I heard Sam speak I knew his message was genuine and authentic.  As a Marine Corps Veteran, I could relate to his inspirational story of over coming hardships, setting goals, and his no quit attitude.  He cares about helping others succeed and helping others to see their best self. 


After working with him one on my, my life has drastically improved.  I was struggling to set clearly defined goals and his coaching and mentoring has given my confidence a boost and my life more clarity.


Sam is an unbelievable guy.  A guy that I strive to be around whenever I get the chance because he leaves me ready to take action in the right direction.

Jeff Gramlich: Marine Corps Veteran and aspiring speaker and author.



Sam Flamont poses for a picture after speaking to the Howell High School Pom team for the second time.  Sam Flamont provides motivation and actionable steps to improve the lives of individuals and teams.  Sam Flamont is a master of efficiency.
Sam Flamont poses for a picture after speaking to the Michinga Pom Team.   Sam Flamont provides motivation and actionable steps that will help you or your organization achieve their desired results through creating an efficient process.
Sam Flamont speakes to students at Alma College.  Sam Flamont provides motivation and actionable steps to help you or your organization reach their desired results through an effecient process.