Sam Flamont speaks to a group of young entrepreneurs.  Sam Flamont is great at getting to the root of what is missing and providing motivation and actionable steps to help people achieve their desired results.

I look forward to seeing the people I work with take off and reach the defiition of success they provide for their lives.  The succes of others is genuinely as important to me as my own.  It is with this mind set and a background firmly routed in coaching that has formed my belief as to what my job as a speaker is.  It is my job is to educate and give people actionable steps in order to help them move forward.  People will leave the conference room, dugout, auditorium, or locker room with the tools and confidence needed to take the neccessary steps to improve and continue to get closer to their goals on a daily basis. 


Whether you are looking for a skilled leader and problem solver to help move your company forward, an enthusiastic motivator to get your team going, or a speaker to get students better prepared to take on the challenges that lie ahead, I am here to help. 


Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you and your group soon.


Sam Flamont













Sam Flamont helps a group of students at Howell High School by providing motivation and actionable steps.  Sam is a master of the process and will help you find yours.