The Time Will Pass Anyway

One of the greatest detractors of our success is that after we consciously register where we are, we then wallow in missed opportunities about all the things we did not do. Deep regret will even paralyze some people. There is no time for that. Like the Country Singer Vince Gill says, “There ain’t no future in the past” or like Jay-Z says, “You gotta learn to live with regrets.”

No matter what version you prefer, the idea is the same: it’s time to accept the things you have not done and the time you spent not doing it. Some people get overwhelmed thinking about how much time it will take to reach their goal, particularly if it involves getting a college degree or starting a new career from square one. I remind them that this time will pass anyway.

Time continues to move. The only question is will you have accomplished what you wanted, or will you kick yourself for never having started, particularly after you realized all the progress you could have made if you had started when you first thought about it.

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