Goals and Challenges

Below is a worksheet I use with clients. Try this worksheet out and see how it can help you narrow down your focus and really define what you want. It will also help you understand what challenges lie ahead so you can be prepared when they arrive.

Goals and Challenges

  1. What is your ultimate goal (Be Specific).

  1. Why is this goal important to you?Be specific (when you have a why, the how becomes easy)

  2. What is your process? (How will you go about achieving this goal daily?)

  • If you do not know, find out.Interview people and talk to your mentors

  1. What are you willing to sacrifice to make this goal a reality? Be specific

  2. What are challenges you will face when it comes to pursuing your goal?

  1. How do these challenges make you feel?(Scared, Excited, Ready to Compete: Expand on the answer)

  1. What is your plan to handle these challenges? (Be Specific) Intention Creates Action

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