Finish The Race

We often think of life as a sprint. We feel we must hurry up and get to where we are going or we have to get our projects done first in order for them to matter.

The one thing about life is, it isn't always who gets there the fastest, but in the end, simply who gets there, and who does it best. Unlike a sprint, where the entire goal is to finish the race first; in life the entire goal is to simply finish the race, but most importantly, it is to enjoy each step along the way. Enjoy the journey. In life, we get so obsessed with being first that we get frustrated and then impatient when we are not. When that happens, we quit. We quit becasue we forgot why we started. We never started a journey to finsih first, we started the journey to get us from where we are to where we want to be. We created a process, which nowhere in it said, we must be first. The process said, you must be consistent, persistent, and patient. The process said, you must accept where you are before you can move one step forward to where you want to be. The goal and the process gave you a starting line, and all it asks is that you cross the finish line. It does not ask you to do it the fastest, the process simply asks for you to FINISH THE RACE.

On Your Marks

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