Who are you surrounded by?

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I often ask people what they want to be. I think it is a very revealing questions for many reaasons. I want to know if the person actually knows the answer, if they are able to articulate their answer with confidence, and then it allows me to assess what they are doing in their daily lives to get closer to their goal.

The last part is the most important for me, because I immediately want to know what they have done for the last two weeks and what the people they hang out with want to do with their lives. Lawyers go to law school, Doctors go to Medical school, so both are surrounded by people on the same mission as they are. People on the same mission will encourage, compete, talk, share ideas, fears, ways to be more confident, and most of all they will push you toward your dream. People on the same mission as you are the people that will help you become the most succesful person you can be.

Who are you surrounded by, what do they want to do with their lives, and are they on the same mission as you?

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