Are We There Yet?

Desert Road
Knowing where you want to go is extremely important because it will allow you to create a roadmap to get there, but the best part about knowing where you want to go is, you no longer have to focus on it. Most people get Destination Disease.

Destination Disease means you forget to stay in the moment because you are so worried about when you will arrive instead of being focused on the challenges that lie directly in front of you. "Are we there yet" is a question kids ask on long rides, but it is also a question we ask ourselves on our way to our goal, and it is counter productive for a few reasons. You will know when you arrive at your goal, just as kids know if they are at their final destination, and therefore thinking about being there only makes you realize how far you have left to go instead of realizing how far you have come.

Everything happens in the moment and that is where your thoughts should stay, because in the moment there is no anxiety, negativity, or failure, there is simply now. When we begin to think to far ahead we forget about our process, become easily distracted, and worse, we begin to think negatively about the what ifs. Destination Disease will make it harder to achieve goals. Spend five percent of your time focusing on the end result and the other ninety-five percent focusing on the daily process that will get you there. Be process oriented, stay in the moment and grind.

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