What Have You Given Up For Greatness?

In tenth grade I went through tryouts for basketball and I made the team. On the last day, I told the coach he should take someone else, because my heart wasn’t in playing basketball but rather getting in the weight room and training for baseball. He told me I could do both, but I knew I could not do both well, and more importantly I knew I could not get as strong as I wanted to get for baseball by playing Basketball. Do not take this wrong, I am not encouraging anyone to quit a sport; I quit because my ambition and my heart were in other places and I would not have been of any use to the team. That winter I worked out five to six days per week and I gave up hanging out with friends after school and going snowboarding at night because I didn’t want to get hurt. I loved snowboarding too, but again, I had a one track mind and snowboarding could only hurt my chance of playing. I had made a decision and stood by my decision and if my friends said they were meeting at 4:00pm I told them I would get there when I was done, and if they weren’t there when I was done, there was always tomorrow. This was my first time actually getting in the weight room and getting after it, and the changes that I made were incredible. I was getting stronger and faster, and with each workout my ambition grew, and my motivation became stronger because of the sacrifices I was making in order to be better than everyone else.

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