Did You...?

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Did You...

Go as hard as you could?

Play with passion?

Respect the game?

Respect your teammates?

Get the job done to the best of your ability?

let somebody know, good enough never really is?

Learn from a mistake?

Let one at bat be one at bat?

Play for your teammates?

Not worry about your personal numbers?

Pick up your teammate after he made an error, instead of using it as a reason you should be starting?

Put the haters in the background?

Motivate yourself?

Get mentally prepared to play?

Make it personal between you and your opponent?

If you can do all of the above, you may or may not be successful on the field of play, but I would bet on you to be successful in life. That is what really matters anyway?

#respect #process #inspiration #motivation #grind #team #sports

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