Are you really ready to Compete?

It sounds simple and most of us think we are competitors, but are you really? Competing isn’t about showing up and playing, competing isn’t about you against an opponent, competing is going as hard as you can as much as you can because you want to be better than you were yesterday.

Competing is putting yourself through complete agony in order to give yourself the best chance to achieve your goals, and doing so without having any idea of the outcome.

Competing is all about how much you are willing to sacrifice and how deep you are willing to dig when you have nothing left to give. The person who is willing to push them self to absolute exhaustion and then keep going is someone that is hard to beat. This person never quits, this person will wear you down, this person will test your will. They will pass out before they quit. They will suffer, bleed, and put them self through absolute agony to make sure you know you are in a fight. They do not do this to win, they do this because they could not look in the mirror if they didn’t. Winning is a result of these actions, but at the core; at the deepest root of why they do this is to be better than they were yesterday. Their life’s mission is to improve everyday; and the field, court, or ring is simply where they test their improvement against others.

I’m not saying these people are not concerned with winning, they love to win, but really they love to work hard and get better, and because of this they win. It isn’t about game day, it is about all the hours put in before game day. It is about doing work when nobody is looking, when nobody knows, when the gym is dark, when everyone else is out having fun, this is competition. Are you willing to compete?

No Grind No Glory

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