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Find short videos ranging from actionable steps, motivation, and real estate advice.  This page is meant to be a quick stop for a daily pick me up!!!!













What are you best at?  It is important to identify your strengths and focus on them.  You can can always hire or partner with someone that picks up the slack for your weaknesses. 














When you lose, do you sit around and mope or do you get back in the game?  Losing is a fundamental part of life and if you can't handle a loss, you don't deserve a win.  Losing should motivate you to get back up and create more, earn more, win more.  Losing does and should hurt, but it shouldn't make you quit.  In later videos we will discuss how to overcome fear and failure, but for now, focus on why you started.  Compete.
















When it comes to online gurus talking about failure, most of the advice is to not worry about other people's opinion and that failure is not that scary.  I say "False".  People have feelings and fear and fear of failure are very real, especially since failure is very real.  In this video and a series of videos after, I will be discussing fear, failure, and techniques to handle fear and create confidence.  Yes confidence can be created.  I know because I created it, and I have helped others create it as well. 


















A process creates consistency.  Consistency allows from improvement and improvement helps eliminate fear and also failure.  Although both fear and failure may still exist, the idea is to slowly but surely improve our skills and grow our confidence and continually reduce fear and failure both.  This is not a quick process.  Removing fear requires daily work and daily improvement.  As fear begins to fade your success will grow.  As failure decreases and success grows, our momentum picks up. 

















Not sure why I thought a year consisted of 356 days, but I said it twice.  Nonetheless, the video content is good.  Learn this skill and you will be able to handle fear and failure better.  Better yet, you will be able to create success before you have it and you will also be able to relax yourself in stressful situations. 



















What do you do when you lose?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Do you crawl in a hole?  Do you say, "It just isn't my day?".  Taking a loss is not fun that is for sure, but it should be motivating.  We are all going to lose at some point.  The important part is to come back strong and learn from that loss.  If you learn, you never lose.  Keep pushing forward and your losses in stride, because they are a fact of life.  Pursue your dreams with an unrelenting fury and go get the life you deserve.