Performance Coaching

Sam Flamont speaks to a group of entrepreneaurs at a confernce for their organization.  Sam Flamont provides motivation and actionable steps that help people achieve their desired outcome.
Positive Thoughts

Changing the way we think can greatly improve our lives.  By taking control of our thoughts we take control of our actions and just as important; our reactions.  Positive thinking does not just happen overnight, it takes practice.  Sam works personally with you on techniques that will allow you to take control of your thoughts, create a better self image, and recognize negative thoughts before they take over in order to replace them with positive images.


Sam Flamont helps businesses and individuals achieve their desired outcome through motivation and actionable steps
Goal Setting

Goal Setting creates intention, and nothing happens without intention.  Not always the coolest topic in peoples minds but goal setting should be a priority and most of all fun, because you are creating the intention to live the life you want to live.  Sam works closely with you to help you learn techniques he used to reach his dream of playing Professional Baseball, becoming a Professional Speaker, and successful real estate agent and real estate investor


Sam Flamont speaks to the Michigan State Baseball Team about work ethic, being a good teammate, and creating a process to the team to the next level.  Sam Flamont provides motivation and actionable steps
Mental Game

A strong mental game will make you persistent in the face of adversity, allow you to stay in the moment, and stick to the process in order to get one step closer to your dreams every time the clock ticks.  Mentally tough individuals, teams, and organizations are consistent, and being consistent gives you the best chance for success.  Sam teaches techniques that will enhance your Mental Game and give you a leg up on the competition. 




Sam Flamont specializes in helping individuals and businesses create a process. Sam Flamont is great at listening and getting down to the root of the issue and providing motivation and actionable steps.
Process Creation

We are what we repeatedly do and therfore" stick to the process" is something you will hear Sam repeat often.  That is because it is the process that delivers results.  A great process will improve performance because it creates habits through daily tasks and activities designed to get you one step closer to your goal every time the clock ticks.  Sam will help you create an extremely specific process that will serve as your roadmap to success in athletics, school, or the business world.