Sam played Professional Baseball for four seasons and coached College Baseball at the DI, DIII, and NAIA levels.  Currently Sam is the Co-Owner of a Dynamic Real Estate Team-The Flamont-Hastings Group of Berkshire Hathaway, and is a Real Estate Investor as well.


Sam started his life’s journey in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, but never stayed in one place too long.  His parents were never married and went separate ways soon after Sam was born.  Because of this instability, Sam moved around a lot and during his 8th grade year he actually attended school in three different states in one month.  Early life for Sam is what he would call normal.  He played little league baseball, had friends in the neighborhood, food on the table, and loving siblings and parents.  This normal type of life, began to slowly deteriorate when Sam’s mother moved him from Michigan to Kentucky, due to a job transfer his step-father had received. 


As Sam grew up, home life became anything but stable.  Sam’s brother spent 17 years in prison and drug and alcohol issues were rampant within his family.  In the 7th grade, Sam remembers coming home from school to a mother that was passed out on a daily basis, with wine and pill bottles on the coffee table in front of her.  Although he was never a victim of physical violence, he recalls being told how he was a failure and a liar, along with countless names we will not mention on this site.  This verbal abuse came directly from his mother day in and day out.  Sam will tell anyone that he actually wishes he was physically hit so he could have fought back.  Mental abuse is a hard battle to fight, especially coming from a parent.


The deterioration of Sam’s home environment continued during a nasty divorce between his mother and his step-father.  Sam remembers coming home to his mother passed out randomly around the house. The worst occasion being the time he came home and saw that she had fallen down an entire flight of steps.  Despite all the negativity Sam saw continually, he always believed there was more for him. 


Growing up Sam dreamed of playing Baseball for the Detroit Tigers, a dream that everyone thought was cute until he was 13 and people began to realize he was serious.  This led people to tell him to be realistic and have a plan B.  Although Sam came up short of his dream of playing in the Big Leagues, he played Minor League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers.  He credits playing Pro Ball to his goal setting strategy, work ethic, and an unending belief that he would reach his goal. 


Sam knew there was no guarantee that his hard work would pay off with a Big League Contract.  However, he did know there was no chance of a contract if he was not willing to put in the time and not worry about what the future would hold.  Sam encourages people to proceed with certainty and be consistent, persistent, and patient.  He lives by the Mantra "Hustle til it Happens" which means if you want something, you have to be willing to put in as much work as necessary.


Sam went to college and played Baseball at Grand Rapids Community College and Western Michigan University.  He left Western in 2002 after his senior year to pursue his Professional Baseball Career and because of this his degree was put on hold.  After Sam’s baseball career, he and his friend opened up an indoor training center; further delaying his graduation.  Finally in 2009, Sam finished the degree he started pursuing in 1998.  Getting a College degree was something Sam promised his step-father he would do before he passed away from Cancer in 1996. Sam says the death of his step-father (Chuck) was the toughest loss of his life because he was such a positive and uplifting figure. 







Sam Flamont is a Real Estate investor, Real Estate agent, speaker, author and coach.  He helps people improve their life through one on one and group coaching sessions.  Sam also helps people buy and sell real estate.  From flip house, to rental properties
Sam Flamont played professional baseball in the Detroit Tigers Minor League Organization.  Sam Flamont uses his real life experiences and over coming adversity to help people and businesses achieve lofty goals.
Sam Flamont drives a double into the gap against the Altlanta Braves in a Spring Training Game.  Sam Flamont is now an Author, Speaker, and Multi-Family Real Estate Investor